About the Agency

Founded in 1998, Heartbeat is a digitally-native, full-service, Consumer & HCP Agency of Record for Challenger Brands.

As a Challenger agency, we most often work with brands that are playing a high-stakes game – brands that must battle behemoth market leaders, upend ingrained treatments habits, or transform a ”me-too” product into “yes-please.” These brands, and their marketers, must be forward-thinking, rule-bending, dollar-squeezing and result-lusting.

Heartbeat excels at working with such brands due to our trifecta of key characteristics: innovation, integration, and results-orientation.  We are known for serving up crafty strategies and clever approaches to ensure our client’s market position is uniquely owned.  We house strategy, creative, media & technology under a single roof for the tightest, most integrated campaigns possible. And we look to understand and extract maximum value from every dollar spent, constantly.

The Team

  • Product Manager: Krisi Behrens
  • Director Allergy Marketing: Tom Blount
  • SVP, Strategy and Client Service: Nadine Leonard
  • SVP, Executive Creative Director: James Talerico
  • Senior Designer: Kris LoCascio
  • Senior Flash Designer: Mo Beshir
  • Senior Web Developer: Eugenia Rudman
  • Associate Director, Production: Itiya Wolman

Heartbeat Ideas