About the Agency

Music Notes from Wonder of Sound, Wonder of Sound, our web site, at https://www.wonderofsound.com, Studio Wonder of Sound at www.studiowonderofsound.com and the Kobialka String Library at http://lisemmusicpub.com are components of LiSem Enterprises, Inc. located in San Antonio, Texas. Daniel Kobialka, an internationally recognized violinist and composer, founded LiSem in 1985. The company was established to provide a vehicle to create, arrange, produce, and record a “Spacial Music” that builds on the concepts of the ancients. LiSem’s catalog at http://www.wonderofsound.com contains over thirty albums of neoclassic, new age, and jazz selections.
Since it’s founding, LiSem has developed into a full-service independent recording company. We have the ability to provide mechanical CDs and to make our music available as downloads and on flash drives. Our studio, Studio Wonder of Sound, is a state of the art mixing and mastering facility offering a full compliment of both the digital and analog worlds. If you have a need to create, we have the ability to produce custom albums to market your products.
Educational outreach centers on LiSem’s music publishing products. The Kobialka String Library and Variable Guided Practice Method provides students a means to develop a high level of quality and innovation in their performances. This library centers upon incorporating technology with traditional teaching practices. The library is located at http://lisemmusicpub.com

The Team

  • CEO: Lilly B Gardner
  • Owner/Artistic Director: Daniel Kobialka

LIsem Enterprises, Inc


United States