About the Agency

We are a Digital Company leading a network of top agencies specialized in digital strategy, e-commerce (both in terms of technology and management), performance marketing, mobile apps development, video storytelling and advertising, social media. Currently we have 150 employees and 10 offices, one of which in China.

The Team

  • Digital Strategy & UX Design: Nicola Bonora
  • Web Designer: Barbara Mandelli, Luca Zampetti
  • Web Developers: Stefano Montini, Luca Marano
  • Maintenance Area : Fabio Di Giuseppe
  • Copywriters: Tommaso Farina, Chiara Azalea
  • SEO Specialist: Elia Zanon
  • Analytics Specialist: Anna Khan
  • Project Leaders: Elisa Gori, Matteo Mattioli
  • Sales Manager : Sonia Mortelli

Websolute S.p.A.